Abyss Department Store

Abyss Game Corner Coin Case

Getting the Coin Case

Abyss, known as "The City in Shadows" received a lot of damage in the last war. Everything was rebuilt from the ground up, and the city therefore has a very modern style.

The Silph Co. Godra branch office is located here as well as a huge department store offering items for all your needs.

You will find the 2nd Gym here as well as the Game Corner.

You can reach Abyss via Route 3 after defeating your Rival on Route 2. Lateron you can take Route 4 north to Nettle Town or Route 14 to East Godra, but for now those paths are prohibited.

Main FeaturesEdit


  • Coin Case - get it from the lady at the very left of the Game Corner
  • Dr. Footstep - rates the affection of your pokémon
  • Scientist with fossil reviving machine - in War Party Hideout
  • Full Incense
  • Cleanse Tag (behind two Strength rocks and a Rock Smash rock)

Abyss GymEdit

Type - The Abyss Gym features one Hiker and the Gym leader both using pure fighting type pokémon only.

Gym Battles
Pokémon Trainer Pokémon Used
Hiker Jones

Engineer Gary

Throh Lv16, Sawk Lv16

Machop Lv17, Mankey Lv17

Gym Leader Thomas
Hitmonlee Lv16

Revenge, Rolling Kick, Bulk Up, Brick Break

Hitmonchan Lv16
Mach Punch, Pursuit, Bulk Up, Bullet Punch

Hitmontop Lv18
Revenge, Pursuit, Rolling Kick, Stone Edge

Reward - Beating the Gym leader rewards you with the War Badge and TM 71 Stone Edge.