Omoth Albright Factory

Finding evidence

The Albright Industries Factory is the first building in Comet Street in Omoth.

After finding the Poison Evidence you need to find additional proof here of how and who disposes of the waste. You will find a Documentation in the 2nd floor, then you need to talk to Misty Kasumi at the Pokémon Center. To put an end to the pollution you have to go through the basement into Omoth Mine


  • Super Nerd Brandon - Koffing Lv8
  • Super Nerd Eric - Rattata Lv6, Rattata Lv6
  • Scientist Paul - Machop Lv8
  • Scientist Samuel - Cacnea Lv7, Cacnea Lv7
  • Scientist Larry - Bonsly Lv7
  • Super Nerd Bobby - Combee Lv7, Cherubi Lv7
  • Super Nerd Geluf - Rattata Lv9
  • Super Nerd Kevin - Grimer Lv9


  • TM 44 Rest
  • X Attack
  • Potion
  • Documentation

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