A two room cave located in Azola City. There are no trainers, but a few items to get.

A Hiker will stand around stumped about a puzzle. Rearrange the squares on the puzzle to create a Kabuto picture. Afterwards the Hiker nearby will be appreciative and give you HM 04 (Strength). You can now use this and rock smash to get a Claw Fossil.

In the second Room there is nothing of significance. At the back there is however a hole in the wall that looks like it should go to the next floor of the mine. At the time of writing this (Version Final 1.0) - you cannot interact with the hole/go through it, so nothing else to do other than catch and train.


First floor:

  • Woobat (common) (Lvl. 19-23)
  • Swoobat (Lvl. 23-24)
  • Spoink (Lvl. 21-23)
  • Wobbuffet (Lvl. 26) 
  • Drilbur
  • Dunsparse (rare)

Second Floor:

  • Machop (common) (Lvl. 21-25)
  • Durant (Lvl. 21-25)
  • Throh (Lvl. 20-25)
  • Sawk (Lvl. 21-25)
  • Klink (Lvl. 20-23)
  • Gible (rare) (Lvl. 20)

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