Birch town

The female player standing in between the player's house and Ray's lab.

Birch Town

Birch Town in the evening

Birch Town is connected to Birch Forest in the north and Route 17 to the west. It is a small town nestled into the southern area of the region. It isn't highly populated, home to a few small families. The most important claim to fame is Professor Weiss's Lab, in the northeast part of the town. It is also your hometown should you decide to live in East Godra.

Important LocationsEdit

Your House - You live here with your mother. Your room takes up the entire second floor, and you have your own NES! You can play a minigame of catching balls here. There are three levels: 20, 50, and 100 balls. Once you've completed all of them, you'll be able to fight and catch a lvl 5 shiny Porygon. Also check the PC in the corner for a Potion in your box.

Professor Weiss's Lab - This is where Professor Weiss (a.k.a. Ray) conducts his research, along with his assistants. You'll have your choice from four different starter pokémon once you arrive, choosen based on various questions you answered previously. You can read an e-mail on his computer. It will change your alignment by -1. If you decide to not read it, your alignment shifts +1. Talking to the assistant near the entrance will give you 6 pokéballs.

Notable NPCsEdit

Ray Weiss (the professor) - You once worked as Professor Weiss's assistant, before venturing into the world. He can also be found in Holly City, teaching Battle 101 to students of the college. He seems to care a lot about you.


  • Potion - stored in the item storage system. Check the PC in your room.
  • Pokeballs - you get 6 ones from Professor Weiss's assistant in his lab.add