Ebony City

Ebony City

Ebony City is situated high in the Ebony Mountains. Long ago, when East and West Godra were enveloped in a war, four powerful trainers evacuated citizens of both regions and brought them into the mountains to escape the horrors of war. They spent weeks searching the wintery mountaintops for shelter until they came to a large valley hidden from the winter storms. There they founded Ebony City, and the four trainers became known as the Elite Four.

Important EventsEdit

Ebony City is the home of the Pokémon League of Godra. It is also the permanent home of the Elite Four, who live in the mountain city awaiting challengers. Ebony City has the advantage of not being under the jurisdiction of either East or West Godra. This often creates tension between the governments and the Elite Four.

Items Edit

  • HM05 Waterfall and HM06 Dive are given to you by Prof. Weiss

Ebony Spire Edit

April (normal-type) Edit

  • Ursaring lvl50 (Chesto Berry)
    • Slash
    • Protect
    • Rest
    • Snore
  • Blissey lvl50
    • Softboiled
    • Sing
    • Return
    • Minimize

Sophia (ground-type) Edit

Duncan (steel-type) Edit

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