This Mart can be found in Nightshade in West Godra.

It sells items needed to evolve Pokémon in this game. For Evolutions that do not work the same as in the maingame, see Godra specific Evolution methods.

Sold items:

  • Moon Stone ₽2100
  • Sun Stone ₽2100
  • Dusk Stone ₽2100
  • Dawn Stone ₽2100
  • Shiny Stone ₽2100
  • Dragon Scale ₽2100
  • Metal Coat ₽10,000
  • DeepSeaTooth ₽200
  • DeepSeaScale ₽200
  • Link Stone ₽2100
  • King's Rock ₽100
  • Exp. Share ₽3000
  • Razor Claw ₽2100
  • Razor Fang ₽2100

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