Holly forest

Holly Forest can be found along the southwestern edge of Holly City. Upon first reaching Holly City, trainers can only access the forest edge. As a student, you take part in training battles against other students under Ray's instruction. The college owns an arena in the southwestern corner of the forest edge for this purpose.

Also you can enter the second area of the forest and find the Haunted House after joining the college.

Wild PokemonEdit

Possible encounters (forest edge):

  • Slakoth: lv3-5 (30%)
  • Plusle: lv2-4 (30%)
  • Combee: lv2-4 (20%)
  • Skitty: lv3-6 (10%)
  • Pikachu: lv3-5 (6%)
  • Meowth: lv3-4 (4%)

Possible encounters (inside the forest, during the day):

  • Joltik: lv5-8 (40%)
  • Sunkern: lv4-7 (15%)
  • Elekid: lv3-7 (14%)
  • Minun: lv4-9 (14%)
  • Shroomish: lv3-6 (11%)
  • Drowzee: lv3-7 (6%)

Possible encounters (inside the forest, at night):

  • Hoothoot: lv3-8 (44%)
  • Phantump: lv4-9 (20%)
  • Pumpkaboo: lv3-7 (15%)
  • Shroomish: lv3-6 (11%)
  • Drowzee: lv3-7 (6%)
  • Gastly: lv3-7 (4%)

Possible encounters (Haunted House):

  • Gastly: lv4-9 (74%)
  • Golett: lv3-7 (11%)
  • Misdreavus: lv3-6 (10%)
  • Honedge: lv3-7 (5%)

Event Encounters

  • Spiritomb


  • Miracle Seed - located in the tall grass (surrounded by ledges) in the northern half of the forest edge.
  • TM41 (Torment) - Inside the Haunted House, right staircase. Examine the statue.
  • TM75 (Swords Dance) - Inside the Haunted House, left staircase. Examine the statue.

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