Kangaskub is a Pokémon native to the Godra Region.

It is the baby of a Kangaskhan and will evolve into one when healthily fostered. However, if they lose their parents, a deep loneliness befalls them and they become a Cubone.

Kangaskub Pokédex # 650
Species: Cub
Male and Female Kangaskubs
Type Normal
Abilities Early Bird or Scrappy Hidden Ability Inner Focus
Gender 50% Female,

50% Male

Catch Rate 190 (24,8%)
Leveling Rate Medium Fast
Egg Group Undiscovered Hatch 5355
Height 0.4 m Weight 6.5 kg
Color Brown
Base experience yield 64 EV yield 1 Def

Pokédex EntryEdit

Kangaskubs are generally playful and curious creatures. However, the parents never let them wander.

Game LocationEdit

Safari Zone South East

Held ItemEdit

Kangaskull (50%)

Base StatsEdit

HP 60, Atk 50, Def 85, Sp.Atk 45, Sp.Def 45, Speed 45


By LevelEdit

Level Move
start Rage
start Leer
5 Disable
7 Bite
9 Comet Punch
10 Doublekick
13 Fokus Energy
19 Counter
22 Focus Punch
25 Mega Punch
31 Stomp
34 Dizzy Punch
37 Crunch
43 Endure
46 Outrage
49 Sucker Punch
55 Reversal

By TM/HMEdit

As of version 1.9 Kangaskub isn't added to the TM list and can't learn any TMs or HMs.

By BreedingEdit

Circle Throw, Counter, Crush Claw, Disable, Double-Edge, Endeavor, Focus Energy, Focus Punch, Foresight, Hammer Arm, Stomp, Trump Card, Uproar


Into Kangaskhan on level 36

Into Cubone holding a Kangaskull and using a Link Stone


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