Nettle Town Dragon Fang

Nettle town - obtained a gift

Nettle Town lies at the foot of the Ebony Mountains.

You get here by following Route 5 to the east. When you arrive neither Route 8 leading north to Orchid Town is free nor can you get into Abyss after following Route 4 south.

This is a peaceful village that lost a lot of citizens to the war. People planted flowers as a memorium and the city is blooming still.

North west of the city you can find the Pokemon Orphanage. The old man inside needs help collecting Pokemon eggs. You can find them at the Nettle Town Sanctuary behind his house.

Sanctuary Egg

Nettle Town Sanctuary - Catch them all !! ;)

You might need HM Surfer/Strength or TM Rock Smash. Depending on your decision giving those eggs to the man (+2000 money) or keeping it, your alignment will shift (+3).



  • Dragon Fang - Present from a woman south side of the city


  • Daisy - next to the north exit of the town - she grooms one of your Pokémon every day
  • A scientist/shady guy next to the PokeMart - will ask you to keep quiet about him - yes shifts your alignment -3 and gets you +1000 money / if you answer no, you battle him. After defeating him, he will offer you an item in exchange for letting him go. He gives you TM10 and your alignment shifts +3.

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