• Surfing across the pool in Nightshade
  • Nightshade Tunnel entrance

This Cave leads from Nightshade to Mega Tower. It is reached by surfing North from the fisherman in Nightshade.

In the Cave there are Rock Smash rocks and Strength rocks. Otherwise this cave is simple, the three Strength rocks mark your way out. Although, the Rock Smash rocks in the picture have nothing behind them. Beware, a lot of ledges in this cave are empty and will just use up repel steps. Also the darker grass in front of the cave entrance doesn't have anything.

After you get to the Mega Tower and complete it, Mega Lights can appear in Nightshade Tunnel's floors just like the rest of the region.

Wild PokemonEdit

  • Torkoal Lv.30-35 45%
  • Heatmor Lv.32-35 14%
  • Ryhorn Lv.32-35 24%
  • Machoke Lv.32-35 12%
  • Golbat Lv.32-35 5%

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