Omoth Mine

Battling Wilson in Omoth Mine

Omoth Mine is located under Omoth. It can be accessed through the Albright Industries Factory after you aquired the Documentation or directly at the cave in the northeast after you beat Gentleman Wilson.

Wild PokemonEdit

Both rooms, all day:

  • Zubat Lv 6-8(commone)
  • Diglett Lv 6-7(Commone)
  • Geodude Lv 6-7(Rare)
  • Roggenrola Lv 5-6(Super Rare)


  • Gentleman Wilson – Eevee Lv.9, Exeggcute Lv.9, Pidgey Lv.9

Notable NPCsEdit

  • Here you will find the cause of the pollution, be prepared for a tough fight.

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