Omoth Power Plant

Entrance area of the Omoth Power Plant

This Power Plant was build by Silph. Co. and now is run by Albright Industries. It is home to a lot of electric Pokémon, some of which love magnetic fields, and their electricity is harvested to power the city.

It is the second building in Perchlor Street in Omoth, right next to the Albright Industries Main Building.

This is your first opportunity to catch an Electric-type Pokémon, the next being the Electrikes on Route 5 and Route 4.

Magneton and Nosepass can be evolved here.

Wild PokemonEdit

All day:

  • Pikachu Lv3-6
  • Voltorb Lv3-5
  • Dedenne Lv2-4
  • Magnemite Lv3-5

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