Pine town overview map

Overview map

Pine Town is connected to Route 23 and Frozen North. Also has access to the Pine Town Mines. The Gym leader is not in his gym upon first arriving, because he went after some War Party members in the mines. You must help him out in order for him to accept your challenge. There is also a house in Pine Town that the player may purchase for 30,000 Poke. The couch (Home Décor) and the normal plant don't work, but everything else seems to. Click on the boxes to get the Home Warp for the teleporter.

Main Features Edit

  • Pokemon Center
  • Pokemart
  • Player House
  • Pine Town Gym

Items/Trades/NPCs Edit


  • Rare Pokemon Lover- Wants Machop


  • TM47 - Low Sweep from guy by gym (not Elroy)
  • Pokeradar from little kid
  • TM79 - Frost Breath from the caves Floor 1

Gym Edit

Gym Leader Elroy can be found in the Pine Town Mines. Before battling him, you need to help with the War Party problem there. He will then battle you immediatly in the Mines.

Type - Ice

Trainer Pokémon
Gym Leader Elroy

Beartic Lv.35 - Brine, Endure, Swagger, Slash
Cryogonal Lv.35 - Haze, Aurora Beam, Acid Armor, Ice Beam
Glaceon Lv.35 - Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Barrier, Mirror Coat

Strategy - Watch out for Brine (water attack) if you plan to use rock-types in this battle

Reward - TM79 Frost Breath, Tundra Badge (7th badge), Allows use of Dive outside of battle

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