• The Pokécenter
  • Obtain a rare Pikachu!
  • The cave west of Rantipole.
  • Watching the ocean :)
Rantipole map

Rantipole Town

Rantipole is the town on the eastern shore of Rantipole Island. Here Route 9, leading up from Alder Town, connects to Route10, going to Jalop Town. The western part of the Island features some wild habitat and a huge cave.

The 6th gym of West Godra is located here, where you can win the Surf Badge. Right now however, both Ilsa of the Alder Town Gym and Bruce, this towns Gym Leader, are too concerned about the War Party Hideout nearby, so they don't have time for any challengers. So you better make sure they don't have to worry about it any more...

Main Features Edit

  • Rantipole Gym
  • Albright Industries North (closed)
  • Lighthouse (closed)
  • Vending Machines



  • 6 Oran Berries


  • the girlfriend who's boyfriend wants you to deliver her a letter - if you do +3 alignment
  • a sufring pikachu trainer - one of his surfing pikachu was stolen, please get it back
  • alignment rater - if your alignment is perfect (either bad or good) he'll give you a present
Alignment Present
Heroic TM15-Hyper Beam
Villainous TM??-???

Wild Pokemon Edit

Fishing(Good Rod):

  • Magikarp lvl 15-17
  • Horsea Lv16-17


  • Horsea Lv10-11
  • Wingull lvl 10-11
  • Tentacool lv 9-10
  • Carvanha lvl 12-13
  • Seel lvl 12-13

Rantipole Gym Edit

To make Bruce and Ilsa stop worrying about the War Party nearby, go to their Hideout and make them leave. Then you can challange both this gym and the Alder Town Gym.

A rather spartan Gym. It has a swimming pool you need to surf across to reach Leader Bruce, but no other trainers.

Type - Water


Pokémon Trainer Pokémon Used
Gym Leader Bruce Blastoise Lv32, Feraligatr Lv32, Kingdra Lv32

Strategy - Again, the Pokémon trained by this Gym Leader do know quite an assortion of moves, featuring water, dragon, ice and dark type attacks, as well as the abilitie to burn or badly poisson your pokémon. Bring some drinks (Rantipole has vending machines) and keep in mind that a lot of the powerfull attacks have only 5PP, so if this battle lasts longer, you won't get attacked a 6th time by Draco Meteor or Hydropump.
Obviously against a water gym an electro pokémon comes in handy. TM24 Thunderbolt you won in Violet City might help.

Reward - Surf badge and HM 04 Strength.

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