The Cave on Rantipole Island is currently used by the War Party.  It features some natural rooms with War Party members, a build room with slide tiles like in Violet City Gym and a build room in which the boss is working.

Wild PokemonEdit

All day:

  • Zubat Lv 20-22 30%
  • Geodude Lv 20-23 30%
  • Roggenrola Lv 20-23 28%
  • Onix Lv 19-24 12%

Fishing (Old Rod):

  • Magikarp Lv 5-6

Fishing (Good Rod):

  • Magikarp Lv 5-7 80%
  • Basculin Lv 5-7 20%

Fishing (Super Rod):

  • Binacle Lv 18-20 80%
  • Goldeen Lv 19-22 19%
  • Chinchou Lv 21-22 1%


  • Binacle Lv 18-20 90%
  • Goldeen Lv 19-22 9%
  • Staryu Lv 20-22 1%

Event (only if you are a War Party recruit):

  • Regirock Lv 35


These War Party Members will only battle you, if you are NOT a recruit.

  • War Party Kost- Koffing 30, Arbok 30
  • War Party Mort - Krokorok 32
  • War Party Jode - Persian 33
  • War Party Preston - Grimer 30, Grimer 30, Grimer 30
  • War Party Ned - Koffing 35, Koffing 35
  • War Party Captain - Primeape 35, Persian 35, Skuntank 35, Golbat 35

The boss battle will be a double battle which you fight alongside Greg against the two mighty Pokémon of Yokunai. Don't forget to bring some drinks (they're cheaper then potions).

  • War Party Yokunai - Charizard 45 + Fraxure 45 // Trainer Greg - Absol 40, Mightyena 40, Stoutland 40, Arcanine 40, Houndoom 40


  • Link Stone - only if you're not a recruit, after you defeat Yokunai

Notable NPCsEdit

  • Greg Shokubo - only if you're going against the War Party, will then join you to battle Yokunai


The War Party having their Hideout here is causing some trouble in the area and keeping the gym leaders from accepting challenges, so you must make them leave to fight the 5th and 6th gym.

If you ARE a War Party recruit, you gotta walk & swim through the cave until you get to Yokunai, your boss. He asks you to battle the Regirock in the adjacecent room. Defeat or catch it to satisfy him and make him leave.

If you are NOT a recruit, you have to battle your way through the cave. After the room with the slide tiles you will meet Greg again and after some dialog the two of you will enter a battle with Yokunai. Winning will result in Greg taking Yokunai away and you finding a Link Stone.

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