Rantipole Island map
Rantipole Island is the wild area west of Rantipole Town.

Due to the very strong current west of the Island the shore to the north and west is completly secured so you can't try to get into the water.

The cave in the mountain is currently used by the War Party as their hideout. Of course YOU need to make sure they leave before the 5th and 6th gym leader will accept your challenge.

Wild PokemonEdit

All day:

  • Hawlucha lvl 19-20
  • Foongus lvl 18-21
  • Skiddo lvl 17-20
  • Flabebe lvl 18-21
  • Krabby lvl 18-21
  • Tangela lvl 20, lvl 23
  • Pancham lvl 17-20
  • Paras lvl 17-20
  • Goomy lvl 18-21

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