Route 1

Route 1 at 6am - Military wishing you a safe journey

Route 1 connects Cloudvale to Omoth, and doesn't feature much besides a few novice trainers and a handful of common Pokémon.

You can catch some Zigzagoons here for their very useful Ability "Pickup". You can also catch a Rattata to trade in for a Poochyena in Omoth.

Wild PokemonEdit

At Day and at Night:

  • Taillow lvl 2-5 (35%)
  • Rattata lvl 2-5 (34%)
  • Zigzagoon lvl 3-4 (10%)
  • Patrat lvl 3-4 (10%)
  • Bidoof lvl 3-4 (6%)
  • Pidove lvl 2-4 (5%)


  • Picknicker Amy - Marill Lvl 3
  • Youngster David - Buneary Lvl 3

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