Route 10 map

This short and somewhat very unspecial water Route connects Rantipole with Jalop Town. One of the most important features is the trainer on the westernmost Isle, who you can battle as often as you want to.

Wild PokemonEdit

Surfing (the levels of the encountered Pokémon vary slightly in the western and eastern half of the Route as noted):

  • Corphish Lv20-24, 61%
  • Staryu Lv20-26 (west) / Lv20-24 (east), 30%
  • Horsea Lv20-23, 5%
  • Carvanha Lv20-23 (west) / Lv22-24 (east), 4%

Fishing (Old Rod):

  • Magikarp Lv5-6 100%

Fishing (Good Rod):

  • Magikarp Lv 15-17 80%
  • Horsea Lv 16-17 20%

Fishing (Super Rod):

  • Horsea Lv19-23 95%
  • Carvanha Lv21-22 4%
  • Corphish Lv21-22 1%


  • Swimmer Bret - Golduck Lv27
  • Swimmer Charlie - Kingler 28, Vaporeon 28 - optional, repeatable
  • Swimmer Evan - Flaaffy Lv27
  • Swimmer Harriet - Starmie Lv29


  • TM02 Dragon Claw - southern Isle

Notable NPCsEdit

  • Swimmer Charlie on the northwest isle does only battle you after you talk to her and agree. She's willing to do so as often as you like, so here you have an option to get a bit more money and experience.

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