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Route 11

Route 11 is a short Route, consisting mainly of water. The islands on Route 11 serve as barriers for Jalop Town to the harsh storms that plague the Northern Shores of West Godra.


Old Gambler on the island with two Kangaskhans.


As of Pre Game Release 1, there are no items on Route 11.


Encounters on Route 11 are as follows:

On land

  • Raticate lvl 23-29 (70%)
  • Pidgeotto lvl 25-30 (15%)
  • Kangaskhan lvl 30-33 (13%)
  • Cubone lvl 28-30 (2%)


  • Corphish lvl 26-28 (61%)
  • Staryu lvl 26-28 (30%)
  • Horsea lvl 20-28 (9%)

Old Rod

  • Magikarp lvl 5-6 (100%)

Good Rod

  • Magikarp lvl 15-17 (80%)
  • Horsea lvl 16-17 (20%)

Super Rod

  • Horsea lvl 19-24 (95%)
  • Staryu lvl 21-22 (4%)
  • Corphish lvl 21-22 (1%)


  • If you've become a full-fledged Albright industries employee and get the first mission, you'll be able to find Mewtwo here on the main island. He will dissapear and you will be informed to follow him to Route 7.

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