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Route 16 overview

Route 16 is a path north of Holly City in East Godra . It joins with Route 14 to the West, Route 19 to the North and Route 18 to the East. It is also home to the "Route 16 Inn", located at the intersection of the aforementioned routes, as well as the Day Care Man and Woman who reside in a house just South of the bridge over the route.

Just above the Inn, there is a small stall selling drinks, pokeballs, berries, and antidotes. There is also a person who will sell you a "special item" (PokeFlute) for $1000.

Wild PokemonEdit

Possible encounters (during the morning):

  • Sewaddle: lv3-6 (40%)
  • Wurmple: lv3-6(14%)
  • Treecko: lv3-4 (10%)
  • Shinx: lv4-6 (10%)
  • Ralts: lv3-6 (10%)
  • Skitty: lv3-6 (10%)
  • Flabebe: lv3-4 (4%)
  • Sunkern: lv2-5 (2%)

Possible encounters (during the day):

  • Sewaddle: lv3-6 (40%)
  • Wurmple: lv3-6 (14%)
  • Ralts: lv3-6 (10%)
  • Shinx: lv4-6 (10%)
  • Treecko: lv3-4 (10%)
  • Skitty: lv3-6 (10%)
  • Shroomish: lv3-5 (6%)

Possible encounters (at night):

  • Sewaddle: lv2-6 (40%)
  • Murkrow: lv3-7 (32%)
  • Hoothoot: lv2-6 (28%)


List of trainers and their pokemon:

  • Bird Keeper Nick - Pidove Lvl 5, Pidgey Lvl 6
  • Super Nerd Jeremy - Nidoran ♂ Lvl 6, Nidoran ♀ Lvl 6
  • Aroma Lady Dalia - Aipom Lvl 5
  • Cool Trainer Davie - Sandshrew Lvl 6, Taillow Lvl 6

Available ItemsEdit

  • TM16 Light Screen
  • Pokeflute - man sells it to you next to shop at top of route for $1000.
  • Antidote
  • Everstone

Route 16 Inn Edit

The inn from route 16 Godra

The Route 16 Inn

Main article: Route 16 Inn

From Beta v1.7 onward the Inn is open and can be entered. The Inn quest is available to players after aquiring their first badge.

Since version Beta 1.7, the TV-room cannot entered by a bug in the wall. In order to pass that bug, please download Beta 1.6.  Then save your position in the room, shut the game down and open Beta v1.6 to be able to go thought the wall. Remember to save the game after you catched the pokemon in the TV and go back to the newer Version when you're outside of the TV-room.