The Route 16 Inn is a building found on Route 16. The building appears to be haunted.

Tileset ErrorEdit

Since version Beta 1.7, the TV-room cannot entered by a bug in the wall. In order to pass that bug, please download Beta 1.6. Then save your position in the room, shut the game down and open your Beta v1.6 to be able to go through the wall. Remember to save the game after you catch the Pokemon in the TV and go back to the newer Version when you're outside of the TV-room.

Plot Edit

On Route 16, a man will stand outside the inn saying that something is horribly wrong. On finding out that the player has the Holly City badge, he remarks they are quite strong and should try to help. If approached before beating the Gym, he's standing in front of the door and won't let the player in, claiming that they're not a "real trainer".

Upon exploring the Inn, the player will find it is haunted with Ghost Pokemon. Heading to the right, the player will find the rooms. The player can see that there is a room with a TV, most likely the cause of the haunting. There is no door leading to the TV room, instead one can pass right through the walls around the TV room.

Pokémon Edit

  • Gastly, level 3-7, 68%
  • Shuppet, level 3-7, 30%
  • Litwick, level 3-7, 2%

Rotom , level 10 (Interact with the TV to trigger encounter), Attacks: Thunder Wave, ThunderShock, Uproar, Confuse Ray.