Route 17

Female player in Route 17

Route 17 overview map

overview map

Route 17 is a path connecting Birch Town and Holly City , which lie on the eastern and western edges of the path, respectively. It is a route full of tall grass, mountainous areas, and many trees. It is also packed with trainers and various wild pokemon to allow new trainers to spend time familiarizing themselves with the area. The route also contains two patches of soft soil with several berry trees along the looping path to Holly City.

Wild PokemonEdit

Possible encounters (during the morning):

  • Ledyba: lv2-4(49%)
  • Wooper: lv3-4 (45%)
  • Azurill: lv2-3 (6%)

Possible encounters (during the day):

  • Hoppip: lv3-5 (45%)
  • Lotad: lv2-5 (20%)
  • Spearow: lv2-5 (20%)
  • Poochyena: lv2-5 (10%)
  • Bunnelby: lv2-4 (5%)

Possible encounters (at night):

  • Hoothoot: Lv3-5 (70%)
  • Spinarak: lv2-4 (24%)
  • Cubone: lv2-4 (6%)

Possible encounters (water):

  • Goldeen: lv14-19 (90%)
  • Feebas: lv14-16 (10%)
  • Slowpoke: lv16-19 (80%) GoodRod
  • Krabby: lv15-16 (20%) GoodRod
  • Poliwag: lv16-19 (80%) SuperRod
  • Buizel: lv15-18 (20%) SuperRod


  • Antidote - upper right corner of path
    Route 17 sample pokeball

    Giveaway Pokéball

  • Persim Berry - upper left corner of path
  • Pecha Berry - lower left corner of map
  • Rawst Berries - soft soil in the middle of path
  • Razz Berries - soft soil in the middle of path
  • Oran Berries - soft soil near Holly City
  • Sitrus Berries - soft soil near Holly City
  • Pokéball - promotional gift from a pokémart worker near Holly City


List of trainers and their Pokemon:

  • Hiker Ronald - Geodude Lvl 2, Machop Lvl 3
  • Camper Todd - Rattata Lvl 4
  • Bug Catcher Jeffery - Metapod Lvl 3, Metapod Lvl 3
  • Bug Catcher Shawn - Wurmple Lvl 4
  • Aroma Lady Chelsea - Chikorita Lvl 6
  • Youngster Pat - Hoppip Lvl 4, Ledyba Lvl 4

Notable NPCsEdit

  • Bug Catcher - First NPC on route when entering from Birch Town, will sell you one Poke Ball for 150¥.
  • Near and south of the entrance to Holly City, a seller from a pokémart, will give you a sample Poke Ball.

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