Route 2
Route 2 leads north starting in Omoth.

The passage to Route 5 is blocked by two trees. After you defeat Kristie at the Omoth City Gym when you walk to those trees your Rival will appear and give you the HM01 Cut.

After defeating your Rival you can go back to Omoth and continue down Route 3 to Abyss and your second badge.

Wild PokemonEdit

Possible encounters (day and night):

  • Seedot lv 2-4, 30%
  • Ducklett lv 2-5, 30%
  • Poliwag lv 3-6, 20%
  • Psyduck lv 2-5, 10%
  • Abra lv 3-5, 8%
  • Mudkip lv 2-5, 2%


  • Gambler Harold - Poliwag lv4, Horsea lv4
  • Cooltrainer Victor - Taillow lv5, Zigzagoon lv 5
  • Cooltrainer Alyssa - Zigzagoon lv7
  • Bugcatcher Russel - Venonat lv7
  • Rival - Ducklett lv11, Swablu lv12, Torchic lv12


Route 2 Rare Candy

Route 2 hidden Rare Candy

  • Black aprikoko tree - right above the city
  • White aprikoko tree - in the middle of the Route
  • Rare Candy - hidden above the empty space right to the cuttable trees
  • Potion - hidden on the rise left of the sign "Lookout for dropped items!"
  • 4 Oran and 4 Rawst Berries - upper part of the Route, above cuttable trees

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