Route 23 connects Pine Town and Route 22, which connects to Paret City. This route consists of only surfing, and is extremely long. There are many rocks along the way to Pine Town. No trainers are currently in this route.

On the West end of the route there will be a nice old lady in a house on an island that will heal your pokemon.

Wild Pokemon Edit

Possible encounters (during the day) (surf):

  • Goldeen (Lvl. 23)
  • Basculin (Lvl. 24-25)
  • Chinchou (Lvl. 23-26)
  • Inkay (Lvl. 23-25)
  • Wailmer (Lvl. 24)

Possible encounters (at night):

  • Chinchou (surf)
  • Inky (surf)
  • Basculin (surf - rare)
  • Wailmer (surf - rare)

Trainers Edit


Items Edit


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