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Route 25 connects Orchid Town to Ebony City. There is an area in front of the cave entrance which is always sunny.

Items Edit


  • Plume Fossil - furthest area North
  • TM06 Toxic - northwest area


  • TM?? (maybe roar) - second section

Wild Pokemon Edit

Sunny area

  • Durant lvl37

Dark area

  • Staravia lvl37
  • Graveler lvl35-36
  • Gligar lvl34
  • Fearow lvl39


  • Noibat lvl35-39 (35%)
  • Duoblade lvl34-38 (24%)
  • Carbink lvl30-36 (12%)
  • Graveler lvl33-37 (15%)
  • Krokorok lvl37-40 (9%)
  • Golbat lvl30 (3%)
  • Machoke lvl37 (3%)

NPC Edit

You can find Monica, of Monday, one of the Weekday siblings. She will give you a mystic water on monday.

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