Route 3

Route 3 at night with burned trees and burned gras

Route 3 overview

A map of Route 3

This short land route connects Omoth in the west with Abyss in the east.

The soldier that's guarding the entrance to the route will let you pass after you beat your Rival at Route 2, but you can still see the burnt grass the fire left behind.


Grass, any time of the day:

  • Rattata lvl 9-11 (20%)
  • Taillow lvl 7-13 (20%)
  • Fletchling lvl 9-11 (20%)
  • Pidgey lvl 7-11 (10%)
  • Zigzagoon lvl 8-10 (10%)
  • Gulpin lvl 8-11 (9%)
  • Charmander lvl 8-10 (5%)
  • Slugma lvl 7-12 (5%)
  • Charmeleon lvl 11-14 (1%)


  • Hiker Manny - Geodude Lv13, Geodude Lv13
  • Youngster Juan - Ekans Lv13
  • Biker Arnie - Charmander Lv13, Koffing Lv13
  • Hiker Geoff - Geodude Lv12
  • Lass Wanda - Vulpix Lv14
  • Gentleman Hercule - Growlithe Lv15, Vulpix Lv15 - prize fire stone
  • Hiker Pablo - Roggenrola Lv13, Geodude Lv13
  • Black Belt Thi - Sawk Lv14
  • Pokémon Breeder Molly - Woobat Lv13, Pidove Lv13
  • Super Nerd Felix - Seedot Lv12, Bulbasaur Lv12, Snivy Lv12
  • Biker Quin - Grimer Lv13, Machop Lv13
  • Crush Girl Marissa - Totodile Lv14


Coordinates refer to the X and Y pixel coordinate in the map image above.

  • Super Potion (X=232, Y=120)
  • Burn Heal (hidden) (X=600, Y=344)
  • Great Ball (potential reward, see first bullet under "Notable NPCs" below) (X=1464, Y=616)
  • Burn Heal (hidden) (X=344, Y=600)
  • Charcoal (hidden) (X=664, Y=120)
  • Moon Stone (hidden) (X=712, Y=120)
  • Black Glasses (X=984, Y=616)
  • Full Heal (hidden) (X=1016, Y=152)
  • Full Heal (hidden) (X=1064, Y=328)
  • Fire Stone - get one from Gentleman Hercule for beating him (X=1144, Y=648)
  • Burn Heal (X=1640, Y=664)
  • TM95 Snarl (X=1736, Y=168)

Notable NPCs Edit

  • There is a guy in the southeastern part of the map (X=1464, Y=616) that has a Pokemon who desperately needs a Burn heal. You have 3 options here:
    • You can give him the Burn heal without demanding any reward. Doing this will increase your good reputation by +3.
    • You can ask what's in it for you, in which case you will receive a Great Ball for your trouble. Choosing this will not affect your reputation.
    • You can refuse to help him. This will decrease your reputation by -3 (but you will keep that precious Burn heal!)