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Route 4 research station

Route 4 Albright Industries Research Station

Route 4 map

small overview map

Another short Route, this one is connecting Abyss to Nettle Town.

The Bridge across the River may get flouded at times, then you can use Route 3, Route 2 and Route 5 to get to Nettle Town.

Though there's a river here, you can't fish here.

The soldier preventing you to get from Route 4 to Abyss and vice versa leaves after you beat the Abyss Gym.


At Day

  • Nidoran ♂ Lv10-14 (25%)
  • Nidoran ♀ Lv10-12 (15%)
  • Pidgey Lv10-14 (30%)
  • Glameow Lv10-14 (14%)
  • Snubbull Lv10-14 (14%)
  • Electrike Lv 8-14 (2%)

At Morning

  • Patrat Lv12-15 (20%)
  • Pidgey Lv11-16 (30%)
  • Bidoof Lv10-12 (10%)
  • Glameow Lv10-13 (14%)
  • Pidove Lv10-14 (10%)
  • Nidoran ♂ Lv10-13 (5%)
  • Nidoran ♀ Lv14 (5%)
  • Snubbull Lv10-15 (4%)
  • Rattata Lv11-16 (2%)


  • Ruin Maniac Pennysworth - Sandshrew Lv13, Sandshrew Lv13
  • Youngster Garth - Pidgey Lv12, Hoothoot Lv12
  • Lass Adalyn - Meowth Lv12, Skitty Lv12
  • Engineer Collin - Voltorb Lv14
  • Rocker Barry - Whismur Lv12, Voltorb Lv12
  • Lady marlene - Goldeen Lv12, Zigzagoon Lv12
  • Gentleman roderick - Nidoran ♂ Lv12, Nidoran ♀ Lv12


  • XAttack
  • Super Potion


When running errands for Albright Industries your first task is helping the research station here. Their equipment got damaged and you need to collect it. Get an Ultra Ball and 1000¥ as reward.

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