Items Edit

  • TM09 Venoshock - on the ledge northwest of the Nettle Town exit
  • Zinc - just past Beauty Gina (up the stairs)
  • Revive - On

the northeast of the ledge on the left of the path in northern section

Wild Pokemon Edit

  • Croagunk lvl36
  • Stunky lvl32-36
  • Koffing lvl31-34
  • Venipede lvl34
  • Phanpy lvl36

Trainers Edit

  • Super Nerd Deryl - Klang lvl39
  • Black Belt Wong - Machamp lvl38, Hawlucha lvl38
  • Aroma Lady Willow - Trevenant lvl39, Gourgeist lvl39
  • Ruin Maniac Alder - Tyrantrum lvl40
  • Lass Erine - Delphox lvl40
  • Sailor Marky - Marshtomp lvl38, Cloyster lvl38
  • Aroma Lady Marsha - Leafeon lvl40
  • Camper Jeddy (optional, repeatable) - Golduck lvl38, Granbull lvl38, Scyther lvl38
  • Hiker Clark - Nosepass lvl40, Graveler lvl40
  • Beauty Gina - Lopunny lvl41
  • Sailor Theo - Tentacruel lvl39, Malamar lvl39
  • Psychic Essie - Solrock lvl40, Lunatone lvl40
  • Gambler Quin - Electrode lvl40, Weezing lvl40
  • Super Nerd Bill - Bibarel lvl40

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