In Pokémon Godra, you can have one of 128 Pokémon to start of with. Filling out the questionare gives you 4 Pokémon to choose from when you arrive in the laboratory.

There are 4 questions the professor will ask you, that determine which starter pokémon are available:

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  • Did you remember to fill the application form? (no influence on pokémon choice)
  • Did you mail it on time? (yes will give you rather "normal"/"nice" pokémon, no will often give you "odd"/"impish" pokémon)
  • In what age do you want to live? (determines the starter pokémons' generation)
  • On your application form, what types did you choose? (brings up four lists, one after another, with four types each. the four starter pokémon in the lab will have the types you choose from the list)

If you're looking for a specific starter, consult the table below.

You can check with some useful websites with plenty of resources like bulbapedia, or Pokémon Database before making your final choice to ensure you like your first Pokémon. Due to the wide varity, there're a few Pokémon who could be considered quite odd choices as starters.

Full Table of possible Starter PokémonEdit

Click on the image to enlarge!

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Starter Pokemon

Starter Pokémon table, based on the one made by Gx75

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