Shortly after the Great War had ended, a group of insurgents surfaced across Godra. Calling themselves the "War Party", these individuals seek to return Godra to a state of all-out war. 


The War Party surfaced nearly two years after the end of the Great War. Initially the War Party was simply an unorganized group of discontent patriots on both sides of the border who participated in small-scale burglaries and intimidation of political figures. They gained little ground in this manner and many of the insurgents were rounded up and imprisoned by local authorities. 

Months after the initial string of activities, the War Party made a bold move against the Trainer Coalition in Paret City . Stealing hundreds of Pokémon from them, as well as technology and equipment, the War Party had made a name for themselves. International outrage was sparked when the War Party claimed to be military personnel from West Godra . Political negotiations were halted for months while the two countries simultaneously attempted to reach a conclusion as to who ran the War Party.

With pressure mounting from both the West Godra and East Godra governments, the War Party made another bold move. Ebony Spire , the home of the Elite Four , was raided. Delicate data regarding legendary Pokémon was stolen and a few of the older members of the Elite Four were badly injured, enough to force their retirement. Yokunai , a prominent member of the Elite Four, revealed himself as the mastermind behind the War Party.

Professor Weiss , then the Champion of the Elite Four, resigned under pressure from the East Godra government. Additionally, a fresh Elite Four was recruited to fill the positions left vacant at Ebony Spire. However, since none of the new personnel were familiar with Yokunai, and the remaining Elite Four members were no longer training, the governments lost every lead they had on the War Party. Yokunai and his small army of War Party recruits disappeared shortly after the raid on Ebony Spire, and were not seen again.

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