There is an island in the middle of the lake with a cave on it, but this cave in blocked until you defeat the elite four.

Items Edit

  • Full Restore - Southeast corner (south of entrance)
  • TM05 Roar - Northeast corner (on ledge)
  • Magmarizer - Northwest corner
  • Moon Stone - Southwest corner
  • TM70 Flash - South, bottom of lake

Trainer Edit

  • Youngster Stewie - Floatzel lvl40, Girafarig lvl40, Nuzleaf lvl40

Wild Pokemon Edit

In grass Edit

  • Bellspourt lvl34-36
  • Venonat lvl35-36
  • Burmy lvl35
  • Venipede lvl31

On water Edit

  • Chinchou lvl30-31
  • Finneon lvl30

Vespore Lake is a lake near Orchid Town. It can be easily accessed by heading southwest from orchid town.

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