• Getting the Good Rod
  • Meeting Prof. Weiss after beating the Violet City Gym

Violet City map

Violet City is the Capital of West Godra. It is a seaport town which once hosted the Violet City Ferry Corps. which sailed to Vermillion City.


Route 6 leads from Shadowfell to Violet City. From here you can only continue northward, which will lead you to Route 7 and a beautiful beach marking the start of your sea journey in West Godra.

Main FeaturesEdit

Wild Pokemon Edit

Fishing (Good Rod):

  • Magikarp lvl 14-16
  • Horsea lvl 16-19


  • Inkay
  • Carvanha
  • Horsea
  • Pelipper lvl 24-26
  • Shellos



  • Good Rod - present from the fisher in the most southwestern house


  • Sopie - Girl in Pokémon Center - wants to play a game of Triple Triad with you about her Zapdos card
  • Senator Eliat - only available if you are a War Party recruit - in Violet Hall - deliver a letter to his wife for him
  • Prof. Weiss - appears after you beat Nicole west of the pokemon center next to the sea to congratulate you and give you the HM 03 Surf
  • Mewtwo - For Albright seniors, if you swim up above the area where Weiss gives you the HM Surf, you'll encounter Mewtwo, who'll say: "How is that possible? Leave me be!", and disappears.
  • Ability Master - Teaches your Pokémon their hidden abilities if you present him a Relic of the ancient Godra.


Violet City gym transp

The Violet City Gym Maze - have fun finding your way in. click to enlarge

This Gym is special as it doesn't host any trainers besides Gym Leader Nicole. Instead it has a mace of slide tiles which will send you moving around and make it a hassle to get to Nicole every time.

Type - Nicole uses only Electric type Pokémon.


Pokémon Trainer Pokémon Used
Gym Leader Nicole Galvantula Lv24, Zebstrika Lv24, Raichu Lv24, Jolteon Lv24

Strategy - Obviously a ground type Pokémon would be a great choice for this arena. A poison or steel type Pokémon avoids being poisoned by Galvantula, which is weak to Fire and Rock attacks. For the other Pokémon stick with ground attacks. Avoid a weakness to a fight attack with Zebstrika as it knows doublekick.

Reward - You win the Amp badge which enables you to use HM 03 Surf and the TM 24 Thunderbolt.

Violet Gym Solution

Here's the solution if you guys are really stuck.

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